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Hyo Jim Park

"I love everyone at Berkley Pet Hospital. They are always kind and helpful no matter what is going on there. I have brought in numerous animals and have always been very pleased. Thank you all for all your help!!!"

- Rebecca K.

"Absolutely pleased with Berkley Pet Hospital I have a 4 month old pit bull named Sespe, i have been taking her here since she was 5 weeks. She recently got a little sick and the staff especially Mary, and Dr. Park were very caring, compassionate, very helpful, and helped me as well giving me peace of mind. Pricings are reasonable, and couldnt of asked for a better service. Highly recommended!!!!"

- Amanda S.

"Everyone was super nice and helpful, just took my 3 month old puppy to get his first shots and get his nails cut, they were professional and gentle!"

- Amber G.

"I love Dr. Park and the staff at Berkley!! I have taken many of my rescue dogs and they get excellent care. Very easy to work with. The surgeries my dogs have had have all been successful! They recover very quickly. When I have an emergency I can get an appointment fast! They are accommodating. I can't say enough good things about them! Definitely recommend Berkley!"

- Sally C.

"This is by far the best vet I've been to. She never forces any treatment on you. She works around your budget and is very caring. The staff here are amazing! They always show enthusiasm when they see my pet. I highly recommend this vet."

- Miguel A.

"I bring my dog and cat here. I am so happy I found this place. Dr park has been amazing with my dog and the staff has always been nothing but caring each time I've come in with my beloved pets. I trust them and would gladly refer anyone to this vet!"

- Jay N.

"Dr. Park and the staff at Berkley are fantastic! They offer grooming services in addition to medical, and their prices are extremely reasonable. I have two German Shepherds (a 12 year old and a 2 year old), and feel 100% at ease while they are in their care.

I love that Dr. Park offers alternative medicinal care as an option. My fiancé is not a big believer in herbal options for himself or our pets, but I think it is awesome that Dr. Park is open-minded to whatever philosophy is affordable and works for all of our beloved pets!

Our dogs are a handful, but I definitely know who to trust. Thanks, Berkley!"

- Mindi E.

"excellent.....brought in our sick, elderly cat who had to be put asleep. The staff was so nice. They even sent us a sympathy card signed by all of them. Then we brought in 2 kittens rescued from Best Friends( the best place to adopt,btw) . The kittens had partial shots. The vet finished the series at a reasonable cost. We were really pleased. My partner has called a few times to talk to the vet about some issues and she has been extremely patient and helpful."

- William D.

"We have had 3 cats neutered here along with vaccinations and checkups. Staff is really nice/informative and the Doctors are very professional and caring. Never had any issues and they are very affordable. Hundreds cheaper than other animal hospitals."

- Mike C.

"Dr. Park is so nice and understanding. We had a parvo plague in our family. Two of my puppies got parvo and my friend's two puppies got it as well and she was able to treat them. My puppies survived and my friends puppies as well thanks to dr. Park. She knew the cost for hospitalization was too much for me since I was paying for two pups so she worked with me and tried to help me the best way she could. I'm very grateful that my puppies survived and my friends puppies as well. All I'm waiting is for my sister's puppy to pull it through as well. My sister's puppy recently got sick with parvo as well and I have high hopes she will be okay because Dr. Park helped 4 of our puppies already. Thank you Dr. Park and I hope you help Nala just how you helped us with the other puppies."

- Gabriela B.

"My experience with Dr. Jinny Park and her team at Berkley Pet Hospital, has been excellent. When she took over the practice my cat was already a patient, dealing with kidney disease and high blood pressure. Although I knew there was no cure, using a combination of western medicine as well as chinese herbs and acupuncture, we were able to improve & maintain his condition far longer than initially expected. The front desk team are always polite and helpful, no matter how busy and Dr. Park has a great manner with her patients. Maximus was in the best hands, right to the end..for which I am so grateful."

- Catherine S.

"Love Berkley Pet!! Dr Park is great and the whole staff is just the best also!! we are here a lot (unfortunately) but they all take very good care of my little Lenard! Would not go anywhere else!"

- Stevie H.

"This review is long past due, but I love this vets office. The only way you can have a negative review is if you were negative to the employees. Everyone has great energy as soon as you walk in, and Dr. Park gives 110% guest service. It's all about the animals with her. Whatever she can do for you she will. If you want a vet that is kind and caring about your pets stop here. They helped my 5 year old puppy stop having seizures. They fixed and vaccinated both of my dogs. Their schedule is always open for an appointment, and you won't be dissatisfied. Thank you Dr. Park and her team for all that you do. I am thankful."

- Chardae H.

"The staff here are very friendly and Dr. Park was really kind to my children. She took the time to explain everything to my children and even got out some old X-rays of a cat and a dog and reviewed it with them while we were there. I was very impressed!

She has a great bedside manner with the animals and you can tell that she really cares about the animals that she treats."

- Beth B.

"I've been taking my dog Bailey here since she was a puppy and have always had great experiences with them. She had to have an abscess cleaned out back in 2011 and they took such great care of her. The cost was fair too. Just recently went in because my 10 year old Maltese/Papilion has stones. They were extremely kind and helpful and you can tell they all are animal lovers. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a good vet."

- Katie L.

"I wish my regular doctor office was as nice patient and smart as Dr. Park and her staff. We adopted a shelter dog about a month ago and he was very sick with a giardia and pneumonia. They took great care, even taking a sample to see which antibiotic would work the best to fight the bug so we didn't waste time. Dr. Park is thorough and she is very professional. This is my first pet, so I am always suspicious, but when I check online and talk to others, her treatments are exactly what my dog needs and the proof is in how healthy and happy my new pup is. I wish it didn't cost so much, but she recommended a good pet insurance and my experience has been that her care has been worth every cent."

- Matthew C.

"The. Best. Vet. Ever! My baby Nala had Parvo and I honestly thought I was going to lose her. The doctor saved my baby's life. My entire family are so grateful for her amazing services!!"

- Jeannette C.

"I woke up today to my dog panting and in pain. This animal hospital was recommended by the Animal Humane Society. I am so glad I came here. The staff is amazing. They are all friendly and you could tell that they really cared about taking care of Zoe, my six year old dog. I was horrified when I found out that she had a slipped disc, but the veterinarian said, "Don't worry Zoe, we'll make you better". Those words were exactly what I needed to hear. They provide different treatment options and payment options. I love this place."

- Judy D.

"I finally made the most difficult decision to have my 17year old Pekingese put down. I researched many vets in my area and found that this place was a top choice for many. I am still in awe at the kindness and deep compassion that each person at this place showed me. While this was an incredibly difficult decision and experience the folks at Berkley were an invaluable support system for me that day. A few days after i received a card in the mail and everyone from the hospital had signed it with their condolences . It was one of the kindest gestures I have ever received. About 2 weeks went by and I received the call that my dogs ashes were ready to be picked up. Once again I was greeted with kindness and compassion. I was given a small white box containing the ashes and a personalized heart tag with my dogs name in it. I was deeply touched again by the thoughtfulness of this. I hope that it is another 17 years before I have to put another dog to sleep but I know for sure where I would go and if anyone were to ask for a suggestion. I Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that was there that day. Each of you made this experience bearable and this has helped me to mourn the loss of Maya and more importantly heal. Thank you again for everything."

- Christian V.


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