Senior Pet Wellness

 Berkley Pet Hospital Provides Senior Pet Care

At Berkley Pet Hospital, we offer a variety of services for both cats and dogs. It is important to make sure pets receive quality veterinarian care throughout their entire lives to remain as healthy as possible. Whether it is regular vaccinations, preventing disease, or receiving excellent senior pet care as your furry friend ages, at Berkley Pet Hospital in North Hollywood we can provide exceptional pet care.


What is Senior Pet Wellness?

A medium-size dog is considered a senior by the age of seven. For a cat, it is generally by age eleven. It is important for pets to have regular checkups their entire lives. When they become seniors, however, different types of checkups and tests may be needed. A veterinarian can recommend exactly what tests should be performed when bringing your pet in for a senior wellness exam. These may include a complete blood count, urinalysis, and thyroid testing. Finally, regular dental checks and cleaning become more important for both dogs and cats as they age.

Why is Senior Pet Care Important?

Senior pet needs are different from younger pets. Everything from the type of food a pet eats to how much exercise is needed will likely change as an animal ages. There are also certain conditions that a senior pet is more susceptible to. A few conditions include vision and hearing loss, arthritis, kidney disease, and certain types of cancer. Older cats may need special supplements if hairballs increasingly become a problem. Many older dogs may begin to experience joint pain and increased incontinence. For these reasons, senior pet care is extremely important. Senior pet care would include regular visits with a veterinarian and make sure all vaccinations remain current.

Are There Signs or Symptoms to Look For?

There are certain physical symptoms and behavioral signs to watch for as your pet ages. The following are changes that may indicate a pet has an illness or an age-related condition.

  • Changes in drinking or eating habits 
  • Extreme weight changes
  • Wounds or sores that do not seem to be healing
  • Increased howling or meowing
  • Increased anxiety, aggression, or depression 

How Can Berkley Pet Hospital Help Your Pet?

At the Berkley Pet Hospital in North Hollywood, we provide advanced veterinarian medical care. We have an in-house laboratory, pharmacy, surgical suites, and large boarding areas for both dogs and cats. Your pet can receive acute medical care as well as preventative care. We can give your cherished pet a complete senior pet wellness exam. To keep your pet in the best health possible, schedule an appointment at Berkley Pet Hospital in North Hollywood.


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