Flea and Tick Prevention

Veterinary Tips for Flea and Tick Prevention

The flea treatment and tick prevention programs you choose for your pets do more than eliminate excess scratching. They also remove unwanted pests from your home. While there are products offered over-the-counter, the flea and tick prevention that performs best for your animals are the ones a veterinarian approves, which we at Berkley Pet Hospital in North Hollywood are happy to offer. 


Flea Treatment and Tick Prevention Options

You have several choices when it comes to flea and tick treatments. Choose the one that works best for your pets and lifestyle.

Topical Choices: From shampoos and collars to drops that are applied monthly, these tick and flea treatment products are added directly to your pets’ skin or worn as a collar. They allow protection against fleas and other pests without having to give a medication and help keep these parasites from your home. 

Capstar: If you have a flea infestation or a pet that has a flea allergy, these tablets provide instant relief. Capstar is ideal for the pets who have wandered from home and picked up some parasites on their journey and who have a flea allergy. Pills like Capstar work very quickly, but they are not a long-term solution. Your veterinary team may provide this type of treatment for acute situations, where your companion pets are in discomfort or distress. 

Edibles: An edible tablet that is consumed once a month, this form of treatment for dogs and cats are very popular. Similar in size and texture to the edibles used to defend your dogs and cats against heartworms, this tablet gives protection for about 30 days for pets. Offer this type of medicine if other versions do not work well or if you want a one-step solution that targets both fleas and ticks.

Schedule a Veterinary Visit Today For Pest Prevention and Treatment

Taking steps to eradicate fleas from your home can make your pets comfortable, and addressing ticks at the same time can prevent a wide range of illnesses and ensure your dogs or cats stay healthy. Get in touch with our vets at Berkley Pet Hospital in North Hollywood to talk about your flea treatment options and tick preventions, to learn more about improving your pet's health with preventative medicine, or to schedule an appointment. Call (818) 763-6221 today.


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