Dog Skin Problems

Your dog’s skin is the largest organ on his or her body. Skin problems in dogs are common. Problems often first manifest as itchy skin. At Berkley Pet Hospital, our veterinarian in North Hollywood takes a look at the most common reasons that dogs suffer from skin issues.

Food Allergies

The most common foods and ingredients that dogs are allergic to are dairy, soy, wheat (especially wheat gluten), and eggs. Dogs can be allergic to more than one thing. Food allergies make a dog incredibly itchy, even to the point of scratching off patches of hair or breaking open the skin. Other symptoms include diarrhea, being more tired than usual, weight loss, and being more aggressive because he or she feels miserable.


There are two main types of mange, sarcoptic and demodectic. Mange is caused by mites burrowing into your dog’s skin. Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious. Mange causes intense itchiness, crusting, sores, bald spots, and ear infections. Both kinds of mange cause your dog to suffer so be sure to get him or her to an animal hospital right away if you notice the symptoms of mange.

Yeast Infections

Dogs with yeast infections constantly scratch, rub their ears or chew on their paws. The skin becomes red, crusty, develop open sores, and the fur may become greasy. The skin may produce a discharge. The dog will give off a strange odor. Since yeast infections produce similar symptoms to other skin conditions, it is important to have your dog tested at an animal hospital to get the right treatment.


This is a highly contagious fungal infection to people and other pets. It causes round or oval bald spots with a red color around the edge. All of the dog’s bedding needs to be thoroughly washed. Ringworm is treatable with dip, shampoos, creams, and anti-fungal medication.

Get Treatment for Your Dog’s Skin Issues in North Hollywood, CA

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